Can you mix Breast Milk and Baby Formula?

Can you mix Breast Milk and Baby Formula?

Breastfeeding is an activity that can bring a mother a lot of joy, allowing her to experience a sense of well-being and contentment.

Nevertheless, we know that it can also be tough. It can take several weeks for you and your baby to adapt to breastfeeding and finally feel happy and confident. 

If breastfeeding poses a long-term problem, creating discomfort, there is always the option of supplementing your baby's nutrition with baby formula. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it is recommended to start with breastfeeding, and then supplement with baby formula, if necessary. 

What about mixing them together? 

HealthLine, an award-winning online resource for reliable information on pregnancy and parenting topics, deems it perfectly safe to mix previously prepared formula with breast milk. However, mixing them can lead to wasted breast milk, if your baby does not finish the bottle. 

Why mix Breast Milk and Baby Formula?

You may want to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding if:

➡️ You are breastfeeding and want to use a bottle to offer your baby some expressed breast milk 

➡️ You want to breastfeed for some of your baby's feeds, but give bottles of formula for 1 or more feeds

➡️ You are bottle feeding your baby and want to start breastfeeding

➡️ You need to leave your baby and want to make sure they have some milk while you're away

Source: NHS UK (2023)

What you should remember:

Remember, it is perfectly safe to mix formula with breast milk to provide your baby with the supplementary nourishment needed. However, it's important to remember that breast milk remains the optimal source of nutrition for your little one, as it promotes bonding and offers specific developmental and health advantages.

Source: World Health Organisation (2001)


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