How do I know my baby is getting enough milk?

How do I know my baby is getting enough milk?

While bottle feeding allows you to measure the amount of milk your baby consumes at each feed, it's natural to have concerns about whether they're receiving enough nourishment.

A reassuring sign that your baby is feeding well is if they settle comfortably between feeds and continue to gain weight. Additionally, monitoring the number of wet and dirty nappies they produce can serve as an indicator.

Once your baby is a few days old or older, they should have at least six wet nappies within a 24-hour period. During the first 48 hours, it's normal for this number to be lower, with only two or three wet nappies.

In the initial week, your baby may have around four dirty nappies per day. However, as they grow older, the frequency of bowel movements tends to decrease, and after a few months, it may stabilize to approximately two per day.

If you require personalized advice regarding the appropriate amount or frequency of feeding for your baby, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare professional.

Source: HIPP (2023)

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