How often does my baby need to feed when bottle feeding?

Newborn babies thrive on frequent, small feeds, usually requiring feeding every two to three hours. It's important to follow your baby's cues and allow them to nurse for as long as they desire.

If your baby shows signs of refusing the bottle, it's best to stop the feed. Avoid trying to force them to finish the entire bottle.

As your baby grows older, the time between feeds will naturally increase, and you may find that feeding every four hours is sufficient.

As a general guideline, a newborn baby typically consumes around 60 ml to 70 ml of formula per feed, totaling seven or eight feeds per day.

Between three weeks and eight weeks, the quantity may increase to between 90 ml and 120 ml, with five to seven feeds per day.

From two months to six months, a bottle-fed baby may require around five feeds per day, but the amount of milk per feed will increase to approximately 150 ml to 210 ml.

Even after six months, when solid foods are introduced, babies still need an ample amount of milk. At this stage, they will likely have four bottle feeds per day, each containing between 150 ml and 180 ml. This quantity gradually decreases as solid food intake increases.

Source: HIPP (2023)

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